Your wishlist has been granted with Bluebeam 2016 !

Almost everything from the AEC wishlist has been elegantly delivered in Revu 2016 by the fine team at Bluebeam. Below are some of the features our AEC users will love:

Batch Markup Summary:

Gain more control over your markup data with Batch Markup Summary. This brand-new feature allows users to create a single or multiple reports from information in the Markups list across multiple PDFs. And with extensive filter and sort options and the ability to create customized PDF reports, the possibilities are truly endless.

Revit Plugin Enhancements:

For Revu users who also work with Revit, we’ve added some impressive plugin enhancements, including the ability to generate Spaces from Revit Rooms when creating PDF sheets. And with improvements to 3D PDF creation, Linked Models handling, color and material properties transferal and more, your 3D PDFs never looked better!

Legends for Takeoff:

Give your readers an immediate visual understanding of the markups on a PDF with Revu’s new Legends feature. As you perform takeoffs, customize Legends to show specific markup information from your drawing, as well as the properties of your table. Display symbols with a basic description, or include additional information from the Markups list such as takeoff quantities, markup status and more.

Batch Slip Sheet and Compare & Overlay Pages Improvements:

Say goodbye to unmatched pages! No matter what method you use to compare drawings in Revu, you can now view which files appear as unmatched, and match them manually if necessary. You can thank us later.


Sets helps users manage an unlimited number of various-source PDFs as a single document in a single tab. Now, we’ve introduced Tags to help users easily create, configure and manage Sets using information already found in a document. Using Tags, Sets will automatically identify drawing revision, sheet type, discipline and categories, which is useful for generating a comprehensive drawing log.

Legends for Punch:

Learn how to customize Revu’s new Legends feature to provide an extensive or minimal level of detail for punch workflows. Once you get the look of your Legend just right, add it your tools for easy reuse later. As you place a new Legend on another document, watch it automatically update according to the markups on the new page or page range.

Drawing Log

With Revu’s new Tags feature, anyone can generate a comprehensive drawing log from Sets. Export your drawing log as an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF report, with the ability to add hyperlinks. Select and order the columns you want to appear in your drawing log with just a few simple clicks. How easy is that?

Raj Acharya


Raj combines 24 years of experience in architectural practice in North America, Dubai, Mongolia, and India with a passion for technology. Uniquely positioned to take on the role of BIM Collaboration Specialist, he brings insights from working with range of firms from the very large to small local firms to his understanding of what is needed to help design teams work more effectively together.

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