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Does the BIM world really need another blog? We’d like to think there’s room for at least one more.
Who are we? We are the BIM team at Summit Technologies. We are a group of industry professionals who have, collectively, over 95 years of work experience in the AEC realm and over 35 years of experience using, implementing and supporting Revit and BIM workflows. We are architects, engineers, technologists and software geeks. Our address is Canadian but our opinions and viewpoints come from our varied heritages and experiences.

What are we hoping to accomplish? We all came to where we are because we are passionate about what we do and were looking for a better approach to designing, documenting and delivering building projects. We’ve watched the design team struggle, the construction team misinterpret and clients get short-changed and we decided that there had to be a better way. Through BIM, and this public forum, we are hoping we might be able to help those struggling with the transition. We really don’t think we’re a whole lot smarter than anyone out there, we just thought that you might benefit from the fact that we’ve seen a lot of these mistakes and we’re hoping we can help you avoid repeating them.
So how’s this going to work. We plan on posting on a variety of topics that we have found to be useful and of interest to us and hopefully of interest to you and helpful in your work. The focus will be on software and technology solutions that enable and enhance a BIM project delivery and workflow but we won’t limit ourselves. We are all interested in the profession and the process as much as the software so if we hear of something, anything, that we feel is newsworthy or makes us pause and reflect we’ll throw it out here. We’re hoping to generate discussion and get your feedback but the real hope is that we can get everyone thinking. Thinking about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how it impacts not only on your day to day work but the built environment as a whole.
Hopefully this serves as enough of an introduction and gets you curious enough to come back for another visit.
Dimitri Harvalias


Dimitri is a Senior Technical Consultant and Revit Guru at Summit Technologies. He draws on over 35 years of practical experience in the AEC domain. His education as a building technologist and hands-on experience in all facets of design, construction contract administration and CAD management gives him a unique perspective on the integration of BIM technology solutions to the design and project delivery process.

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