[Watch] Everything you need to know about your BIM collaboration options

Do you regularly work on BIM projects with people outside of your office? Watch this video and gain a better understanding of the ROIs, complexity, and management of the various solutions.

We will discuss:

  • The cost-benefits of the various options
  • Compare their pros and cons from the cheap but complex do-it-yourself types like VPNs to ready-made cloud-based solutions like A360.

This webinar is suited for Principals, IT leads, BIM and CAD Managers, Project Managers.

Raj Acharya


Raj combines 24 years of experience in architectural practice in North America, Dubai, Mongolia, and India with a passion for technology. Uniquely positioned to take on the role of BIM Collaboration Specialist, he brings insights from working with range of firms from the very large to small local firms to his understanding of what is needed to help design teams work more effectively together.

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