Vault ahead of the competition in the AEC industry

Autodesk Vault software is an oft-overlooked tool that can provide remarkable benefits for the building design and construction community. This video will explain exactly what document management software truly is and how it can benefit even small AEC firms.

The Autodesk Vault family of data management software can help you keep track of all your digital design data. The Vault 2016 release provides a number of key enhancements that simplify user workflows, provide new item and BOM functionality, enhance the non-designer experience, and improve productivity with an all-new Copy Design interface.

This video offers:

  • A recap of the unique features of Vault
  • An overview of new Autodesk Vault 2016 features such as Items, BOM, Categories and Copy Design
  • A sneak peak of what to expect in future releases

This video is designed for Business Principals, CIOs, Data Managers, Administrators, CAD Managers and IT managers.

Raj Acharya


Raj combines 24 years of experience in architectural practice in North America, Dubai, Mongolia, and India with a passion for technology. Uniquely positioned to take on the role of BIM Collaboration Specialist, he brings insights from working with range of firms from the very large to small local firms to his understanding of what is needed to help design teams work more effectively together.

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