Top 3 new Features in Revit 2017.1

Revit 2017.1 has been released to all customers on subscription or maintenance.  Here are a series of videos showing all the new features.

This midyear release is dedicated to enhancing user efficiency with new features and functionality to help more effectively capture and convey design intent and constructability. With the Dynamo Player that makes task-automating scripts more accessible, SAT and Rhino file import, new MEP and structural fabrication features, and support for high resolution monitors, Revit 2017.1 helps get work done.

My top 3 new features:

Dynamo Player

Use the new Player to run Dynamo scripts in Revit with just one click—no programming ability required.  Now even users unfamiliar with Dynamo can use scripts to automate tasks or standardize processes.

Import 3D shapes (Rhino/SAT files):

Import RHINO and SAT files as high-quality 3D models, assign them to a Revit category, which lets them appear in schedules and be filtered in views. Use dimensions on elements in the import, and even use imported elements to create room boundaries.

Model in perspective views:

Add, move, copy, rotate, or align elements in a live 3D perspective view, and see the impact of your modeling decisions in real time. Reduce the need to switch views for everyday modeling tasks, and work in the view that best supports your workflow.

Jeremy Peters


Jeremy is a BIM Consultant who has worked with all parties to the AEC industry for the past 7 years. He brings particular expertise in Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Navisworks to his role. He has a keen interest in how this new technology is fundamentally changing the way in which the AEC industry works together at every stage of a project.

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