Horizontal Mullions on a Curved Curtain Wall

Welcome to Technical Tuesdays! Today we’re going to look at how you create horizontal mullions that are parallel to the ground on a curved curtain wall with a sloped top.

Sloped Mullions

If, for example, you applied a curtain system per face, you may find yourself with some sloped mullions. Not the expected or desired output.

Whereas Revit will apply a mesh to a surface created via direct manipulation. The number of divisions will be equal for each of the edges of that face.

The result is the tapered panel shape. If the form is sculpted or carved using a combination of solids and voids, Revit will use the edges of the original form and create the system parallel to those edges. See the image below.

Curtain System Sculpt vs Manipulate
Dimitri Harvalias


Dimitri is a Senior Technical Consultant and Revit Guru at Summit Technologies. He draws on over 35 years of practical experience in the AEC domain. His education as a building technologist and hands-on experience in all facets of design, construction contract administration and CAD management gives him a unique perspective on the integration of BIM technology solutions to the design and project delivery process.

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