Dirty Little Workaround Alert: Auto-Numbering Parking Tags

As we all know, numbering a large number of parking spots can be very time consuming. But hey, hey, doesn’t Revit allow for auto-numbering of parking tags in a similar way as it auto-numbers other things like doors with Tag All?

The short answer is, no. Auto-numbering is hard-coded into the program and is not available for families of any other category than those that Revit has provided for.

But, there is a way.

Dirty little workaround mode – on. 

Open your parking stall family, change it’s category to Door, window or some other auto-incrementing category and reload it into the project. Place your parking stalls and they will be numbered with automatic incrementing.

Once you’re done you can change the category back and the stall numbers should be retained.

A couple of caveats:

  • The family will need to be placed on a workplane and then re-hosted to the site or the floor.
  • This is probably best suited to the initial placement of the stalls just to save the initial input of numbers.

Dirty little workaround mode – off.

Auto-numbering parking stalls
Auto-numbering parking stalls


  • The easiest way is to place the first stall in the project
  • Select the stall and select Edit Family
  • Change the category to door, (set to workplane based if not already)
  • Reload the family
  • Place the stalls (check to see that they auto increment).You can tag on placement if you need to keep track of the numbers but keep in mind that these tags will be deleted when you change the category back
  • Click on the family to edit it again
  • Change the category back to parking
  • Reload the family
  • Be sure a parking tag is loaded in your project
  • You should be able to tag the stalls individually or using tag all

Looking for more insight into Revit Families? Read this post – Revit families – Thinking outside the parametric box and check back on the blog for more tips and tricks on Technical Tip Tuesdays.

Dimitri Harvalias


Dimitri is a Senior Technical Consultant and Revit Guru at Summit Technologies. He draws on over 35 years of practical experience in the AEC domain. His education as a building technologist and hands-on experience in all facets of design, construction contract administration and CAD management gives him a unique perspective on the integration of BIM technology solutions to the design and project delivery process.

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