Creating a Circle Glazed Roof the Easy Way

Creating a circle glazed roof is very easy when you know how. When you don’t know how you can land up with nothing very useful after hours of work.

This is how I would create a circle glazed roof:

  • Create your roof in plan
  • Select ‘Sloped Glazing’ as your roof type
  • In type properties, set grid pattern layout to ‘Fixed Number’ for both Grid 1 and Grid 2
  • In the instance properties, set Grid 1 Number to the number of radial grids
  • Set Grid 2 Number to the number of ‘rings’ you want
Creating a circle gazed roof

The caveats to this method:

  • The outer ring needs to slope defining (even if it’s only .5 degrees as in this example)
  • The number of panels will be double the number in the Grid 1 Pattern (that is, it is applied to half of the circle.

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Dimitri Harvalias


Dimitri is a Senior Technical Consultant and Revit Guru at Summit Technologies. He draws on over 35 years of practical experience in the AEC domain. His education as a building technologist and hands-on experience in all facets of design, construction contract administration and CAD management gives him a unique perspective on the integration of BIM technology solutions to the design and project delivery process.

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