Team Collaboration Workshops

Summit has been running a series of workshops with our clients where entire project teams are gathered together to discuss all of the potential in a collaborative BIM process. We have had architects, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and contractors all participating in these sessions.

At these sessions, we discuss some of the collaborative tools available from Autodesk, how to share models more effectively, how to determine the value of the model and deliver on promises and how to improve the CA process.

However, the biggest benefit we have experienced is the improved overall project collaboration that results from taking the time to discuss and understand issues that affect all participants – sometimes not even BIM-related. We supply a lunch (or refreshments for a coffee break) and come to your office.

If you would like to schedule such a workshop, in British Columbia contact Bob Heyman at 604.568.8324 and in Alberta contact Mike MacDonald at 403.648.9272.

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