A structured BIM process can improve the quality of your buildings and deliverables. Let is help you manage your BIM direction so that your internal team can focus on your core business - design.

Woodward's Building Redevelopment
Architect: Henriquez Partners Architects


Ready to do more with your technology?

Improve productivity

Traditional design delivery is based on drawings. BIM ensures drawings are produced in an efficient, consistent manner so the design team can focus on what they love - design.

Reduce rework

Make mistakes digitally so you don’t make them physically. Dramatically reduce project costs, minimize change orders, and reduce rework by catching errors and omissions before they make it onsite.

Coordinate & collaborate

Create a single digital model of the building. Accessible by all project stakeholders, data is built just once to be used and re-used by different participants to increase efficiency, and improve accuracy.

We live & breathe BIM

With ten years of experience in the latest BIM and CAD technologies, we bring deep knowledge, real experience, and proven best practices to helping you manage your BIM direction. Explore our BIM/ Revit Optimization services:






Implementation Services

Ready to get started with a BIM process? No matter how big or small your company, the key ingredients to success are an understanding of what you hope to achieve with BIM and a transition plan that helps you move to this new way of working.

We work with you to design an implementation plan that identifies the goals of BIM for your company and insures that you will meet them. We then help you establish a repeatable BIM process that suits your office.

  • Define the value of BIM to your team and how it will be measured
  • Establish a BIM framework including items such as naming conventions, graphic standards, view templates, and defining how documentation will look
  • Complete project setup and the creation of a structured model
  • Provide a complete training program and ongoing guidance

BIM Management

Do you need a full-time BIM Manager? Why not work with a team of BIM experts who have a broad range of experience in helping companies just like yours implement BIM. Instead of one person’s knowledge, you can leverage our entire team to set up and maintain your BIM protocols and process.

  • Develop organizational BIM protocols
  • Project setup and organization
  • Provide ongoing guidance and mentoring

Knowledge Development

If you want to expand the value of BIM, there’s no better way than giving your team the skills to use it to its fullest extent.

  • Grow and refine your BIM process with personalized project-based training
  • Provide ongoing project mentoring that puts the knowledge in your team’s hands as they need it
  • Demonstrate how to work more efficiently by minimizing repetitive drafting-based tasks

Collaboration Services

Looking to work with multiple firms over short, long, and even continental distances? We work with you to identify the best strategy for connecting your project teams and promoting communication.

  • Complete an audit of your current IT infrastructure - hardware and software
  • Develop a collaboration strategy that leverages Revit Server or Collaboration for Revit and provide network optimization recommendations
  • Recommend workflows that support optimal model performance

Model Performance

Throughout the design and construction process, we insure that the digital model continues to be nimble and focused on meeting project requirements.

  • Complete model audits at defined points, identify issues, and make recommendations to maintain its agility and increase model performance.
  • Ongoing guidance and model monitoring to insure that BIM goals are met

“BTA has worked with Summit since 1997. We have a relationship of trust, respect and collaboration. They literally sit beside us at times offering mentorship and fresh ideas as we push the boundaries of BIM.”



A structured BIM process can improve the quality of your buildings and deliverables. Let is help you manage your BIM direction so that your internal team can focus on your core business - design.

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