Connected BIM Webinar Series: Step inside your design with Revit Live

Thursday, January 25 | 10:00 am PT
Webinar | Hosted by Autodesk

Step inside your design before it’s ever built. With Revit Live, you can turn your BIM model into an immersive visualization – in one click. Revit Live is a cloud service that enables you to explore your Revit or Revit LT model from your desktop, mobile device, or through virtual reality, at any time. Learn how you can create virtual reality experiences and immersive visualizations from your Revit models to validate your design decisions, present your design in a more meaningful context, and improve client understanding of design proposals.

Autodesk Connected BIM processes go beyond design, leveraging the power of the cloud to help make possible practically anytime, anywhere collaboration; data continuity across the lifecycle of a project; and deep insight to help improve decision-making. Connected BIM helps make possible the ability to:

  • Capture existing design information via scanning and point clouds
  • Enhance collaboration across geo-dispersed teams
  • Go beyond visualization to create immersive experiences (such as VR) and interact with the building before it’s built

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