Point Cloud Feature Extraction Sample Files + Review

So in case you missed it, the Point Cloud Feature Extraction for Revit was released a little under a week ago. As you can see in the picture below, the extension adds a new tab to your user interface with a variety of useful tools for working with point clouds. You can even create a topo from your point cloud! So, what was complicated in the last post is now a trivial exercise and gives you more control over the tolerances of the point cloud.

So, again, I understand these point clouds are hard to come by so here is the one from the last post Zion National Park (.las) and additionally, I am sharing this other one  from Irving Middle School (.pcg) in Pocatello, ID, which was generated using 123D Catch (unfortunately, not accurately scaled) over Christmas break. I am linking the .pcg file just because it is smaller than the .las. It is a real shame that there aren’t more openly accessible point cloud sample files for download.

* Update 2012/11/14: This labs product has expired for a while and appears to be abandoned. Autodesk seems to have taken the decision to abandon this project after their acquisition of Alice Labs. That means we can expect more professional tools from Autodesk in the near future.

Downloadable files:

  • Zion National Park (.las) 1.78 MB – Good one for trying the topo extraction
  • Irving Middle School (.pcg) 14.5 MB– Good one for trying the wall and other extraction features. Please let me know if you are successful, because these buttons have crashed my computer multiple times.
  • Also note that the Autodesk Labs Getting Started section page has posted a .zip file 48.5 MB with four sample .pcg files
The beautiful model generated of a corner of Irving Middle School using 123D Catch

That 3d model from pictures was a good one to try since it had a definite texture (from the bricks) and the windows were boarded up (which avoids reflections that drive 123D Catch crazy). It is also nice because it shows a more boxy-building application than the Zion one. The two files should let you try the functionality of the new extension. Enjoy! Also, check the videos below that show you how to use the different features of the Point Cloud Feature Extraction tool for Revit.

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