New objects, tools and now 4K capability highlight Lumion 8


Lumion 8 is here, and a number of features have been added to make your experience better with a smoother workflow and more tools.

With the new Styles feature, there’s no longer the need to combine numerous slider effect to achieve a single desired change. Now, a set of pre-loaded Styles have been built into the program just picture the simplicity of an Instagram feature with the ability to transform your entire 3D model.

If interior design is one of your main focuses, then the new Sky Light feature is on-had to boost your experience. Essentially, Sky Light adds a daylight effect to any of tour models, making use of Soft and Fine Detail Shadows to give a more natural, lifelike look to your model. If photorealism is what you’re after, then Sky Line will be a most welcome addition.

Speaking of Soft and Fine Detail: Lumion 8 has also added Soft and Fine shadows, two new settings added to Lumion’s shadow effect. With these effect, even more photorealism is added to your model.

Continuing in the “natural look” vein are the added hand-drawn outlines, available to Pro users only. With them, you can demonstrate the bones of your design in a more natural way, allowing the viewer a glimpse of the bones of your design.

When it comes to developing the setting of your design, the new mass placement for curved shapes tool allows your to place multiple trees and objects that follow the lines of your landscape. Speaking of objects: 734 have been added (some are available only in Lumion Pro, however), ranging from new tree species, to satellite dishes, to new vehicle designs and pets. Add over 160 new HD materials, more detailed water options , the ability to create your own object library and you have a Lumion experience that smoother and more seamless than ever.

Interested in learning more about Lumion 8? Click here!

Dan Heyman


Responsible for bringing in new business, maintaining customer relations, and building awareness of BIM in BC, Dan comes to Summit Technologies with extensive customer relations experience both in the AEC and retail environments.

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