Model-based Coordination: Navisworks and BIMsight

I had the honour of presenting at this month’s BIMbc user group meeting on the topic of model-based coordination. While this can be done in Revit, even using the freely available Revit viewer, there is always the issue of having manageable and responsive models that are easy to navigate and share. Tools like Navisworks and BIMsight fill this need by providing a quick way of navigating a model for the purposes of extracting information, associating files with objects and clash detection among others. Below are the slides I had prepared for the presentation giving my perspective on the two products. The slides focus on the degree of development of the measurement dimension tool in both programs.

Edwin Guerra


Edwin is a BIM Consultant focusing on Building Performance and Structural Design with Summit Technologies, a leading provider of BIM consulting services based in Vancouver, BC. Edwin’s extensive knowledge of Revit, Dynamo, Navisworks, Bluebeam, Ecotect, Green Building Studio and Autodesk Vasari, is complemented by a passion for Green Building Design.

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  1. Good review! Would be great to see a similar comparison looking at Clash Checking or communication of issues found in the models.

  2. Hi Edwin,

    Correct me if I'm wrong but looks like you are comparing Navisworks Manage ($7995) to BIMsight ($0). The free version of Navisworks only has viewing and measuring capabilities whereas BIMsight has the ability to markup, link documents and do clash detection, all for free. It's a bit like comparing apples to oranges if you ask me 🙂

    I do like the measure angle feature though. Might suggest that to Tekla.


  3. Jon, you are right about the limitations of Navisworks Freedom (the free version of Navisworks). Some people who have Building Design Suites may already have access to this tool at a different price than the $7k+ you quote. Despite the price differential, both programs do target the same audience and have comparable capabilities, so it's probably more like comparing an an organic store-bought apple with one grown by your neighbour. Tekla BIMsight has come a long ways and its fast release cycle is definitely very promising to the need for providing a quality tool accessible for free to the AEC community.

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