Ins and Outs of Curtain Wall

We touch on a multitude of curtain wall aspects in this video

  • Should you use a Curtain Wall or Curtain System?
  • Draw it as a wall or by face on a mass?
  • Add curtain glazing to a slope or curve?

We look at three main types in the curtain wall family, as well as panels options. Join us for the Ins and Outs of Curtain Walls.

Elyse Hatch


With seven years of architectural design and drafting experience behind her, including the implementation of Revit in prior company, Elyse has a unique understanding of what it takes to get the most out of BIM. Focused on methodology and process, Elyse believes that to do something properly, information is key. Elyse works with Summit’s Alberta clients to help improve the way they use Revit. From Revit implementations to training and support as well as model reviews and content customization, Elyse brings strong technical and people skills to every client.

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