Getting Started With Lumion

These tutorials show you the basics of Lumion. Learn how to move around, import models and create a video. It is essential to watch these tutorials before you start with one of the other tutorials. It is best to watch the tutorials in the order they are listed.

01.01 Controlling The Camera (02:31)This tutorial shows how to navigate the camera in the editor.

01.02 Placing Content (01:21)How to place content from the content library in your scene.

01.03 Importing Models (00:38)How to import a model from your hard-drive into Lumion so you can place it.

01.04 Creating A Camera Path (01:03)Creating a camera path for your video.

01.05 Rendering A Video (00:49)Rendering a clip to a MP4 video file.

01.06 Saving Projects (00:33)Saving a project file to disk.

01.07 Loading Projects (00:26)Loading a project file from disk.

01.08 New user interface ‘Import Model’ (00:52)In Lumion 5.3 Import mode has now been integrated in the new Objects mode.

01.09 Using MyLumion (02:46)How to use MyLumion. Set one or multiple viewpoints

01.10 Manage MyLumion (00:46)Manage MyLumion through the webportal. Edit

Jeremy Peters


Jeremy is a BIM Consultant who has worked with all parties to the AEC industry for the past 7 years. He brings particular expertise in Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Navisworks to his role. He has a keen interest in how this new technology is fundamentally changing the way in which the AEC industry works together at every stage of a project.

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