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Lark Group is known in British Col­umbia for its expertise in healthcare construction, but that is not the only area in which it excels.

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Aldergrove Border Crossing - Delivering 6D BIM to the Owner

In 2014 Lark Group was awarded the $17.7 million Aldergrove Border Crossing project. Structured as a design-build project, one of the key deliverables was 6D BIM to the owner. From the outset, the project focused on the data aspect of BIM and the ability to use the data downstream.

The Aldergrove Border Crossing was one of several sites selected by the Canada Border Services as part of a massive strategic investment in border infrastructure. The second busiest US-Canada commercial crossing in British Columbia, the project included the addition of inspection lanes, a dedicated NEXUS lane, a larger traveler processing facility, and a commercial examination warehouse. The project was complete in late 2015.

Summit BIM was brought in by Lark Group to help extract the design data from the information-rich Revit models; and, to augment the data set so asset information could be digitally transferred to Facilities Maintenance and Operations. The Summit BIM interface, BIMFMi®, would provide a consolidated, interactive digital record of the drawings, data, and documents.

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Lark Group

Lark is active in all sectors of construction and provides full service capabilities for the turnkey development of industrial and commercial buildings including consulting, planning, permitting, design and engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and facility management.

Lark Group specializes in fast-track, design-assist and design-build solutions that integrate design, construction and building operations, favouring best life cycle cost over low component costs. Over the last ten years, their team has been involved in 40 design-build projects across a variety of sectors. Their construction methods allow us to meet any schedule and budget, ensuring a successful outcome. Find out more at

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Summit BIM works with designers, engineers, contractors, and owners to implement structured processes and workflows that generate usable building data.

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