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Lumion 6.5 to be released June 6th

Lumion 6.5 to be released June 6th

UPDATED ENGINE Lumion 6.5 contains an updated engine. It is now based on DirectX 11. As a result, the engine works better with Windows 8 and 10. For Windows 10 users, it also gives access to extra graphics card memory (the previous maximum was 4GB) so that larger scenes are possible. The engine update provides…

360 – The Circle of Life, Autodesk style

If you live in an Autodesk world you may have been hearing a lot about ‘360’ lately. What exactly is 360 all about? The brief answer is that Autodesk 360 is the umbrella under which Autodesk offers and provides a variety of cloud services. The matrix below shows you all the cloud offerings from Autodesk that are currently available. More…

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