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Introducing BIM 360 Team

Introducing BIM 360 Team

Purpose-built for the needs of architects, engineers and their project stakeholders, BIM 360 Team gives design teams a central location to communicate, view, markup and review 2D and 3D project design files from anywhere—simply using a web browser to a mobile device. By giving project access to all team members who need it, design teams…

Lumion 6.0 Now Available

Lumion 6.0 Now Available

Image quality is what distinguishes a great presentation from a good one. That’s why materials, reflections, shadows and lighting have been taken to a new level in Lumion 6. These features and hundreds of other improvements have been enabled by a major overhaul of Lumion´s render engine. The results are now more compelling and realistic…

Ladybug and Honeybee for Building Performance Design

In the past I have criticized the lack of climate/predesign and daylighting analysis tools in Vasari. So it was with great surprise that I recently learned about Ladybug and Honeybee, some recent projects developed by Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari, Chris Mackey and Saeran Vasanthakumar. The tools address the 2 most significant weaknesses encountered when using Vasari:…

CAD: Crazy About Dynamo

As Julien Benoit, coined recently in response to Ian Keough being endorsed for CAD on LinkedIn, CAD now means Crazy About Dynamo 🙂 Dynamo is by far the greatest development on the Revit front in the past year. The speed with which the project has developed is very encouraging and exciting. More encouraging are the…

3 “Soft” Benefits of BIM

Image by Christopher.F Photography via Flickr These days there is a lot of interest in the ROI of BIM and ways of quantifying it. In my experience, working with multiple clients of different size, I have identified a lot of what I will call “soft” benefits of BIM. I call them soft because they are…

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