CAD: Crazy About Dynamo

As Julien Benoit, coined recently in response to Ian Keough being endorsed for CAD on LinkedIn, CAD now means Crazy About Dynamo 🙂

Dynamo is by far the greatest development on the Revit front in the past year. The speed with which the project has developed is very encouraging and exciting. More encouraging are the things that you can do with it.

At Summit Technologies Ltd, I will be leading a webinar presentation next week on the value of Dynamo as well as a basic demonstration of some of the things that are possible, not just on the modeling iteration side of things, but also on the data manipulation side. The following is a link of useful resources if you are curious and would like to get started, or if you are advanced and want to keep up with the changing landscape of this tool.

4 Top Getting Started Resources for Dynamo

  • Vasari Dynamo Page
    Here is where you download the latest build. That doesn’t mean you have the latest and greatest though. After installing, check the packages which you can download and which are constantly improved and updated. This is also a great place to participate in the forums if you are having trouble doing something.
  • Learn Dynamo
    A collection on GitHub project page containing a pdf reference and video tutorials (+datasets and samples)
  • Autodesk Dynamo and Computational Modeling LinkedIn Group
    A great resource, including a very useful link for Thomas Vogt’s Node-Book_for_Dynamo.xlsx documenting the different nodes and what they do as well as blogs and other video tutorials.
  • Buildz
    Many posts from the legend, Mr. Zach Kron about pushing Dynamo/Revit/Vasari to the limit. Also check out his presentations at Autodesk University.
Edwin Guerra


Edwin is a BIM Consultant focusing on Building Performance and Structural Design with Summit Technologies, a leading provider of BIM consulting services based in Vancouver, BC. Edwin’s extensive knowledge of Revit, Dynamo, Navisworks, Bluebeam, Ecotect, Green Building Studio and Autodesk Vasari, is complemented by a passion for Green Building Design.

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