C4R – Collaborate for Revit and the BIM collaboration landscape

On Dec 7 Autodesk is releasing a cloud based Revit collaboration solution called ‘Collaborate for Revit’ or C4R. This solution enables firms to collaborate across WAN without complex IT setup, but with the caveat that your project data will reside in the A360 cloud.

In addition to easy global collaboration you also get a tightly integrated instant messenger called “Communicator” that feeds all the communication, files and activity stream into the A360 project dashboard. A360 Team brings the all too familiar “Facebook Newsfeed” like social aspect to team communications.

See the C4R promo video released by Autodesk on Dec 5.


There will be a recurring per-user per-month fee that is separate from subscription and cloud credits. For this fee you get the benefit of A360 Team portal, the new communicator and unlimited hosted projects online.


Firms need to do a cost benefit analysis of each option available to them. And costs not just financial but also setup, complexity and management . Some of the options available are:

  • Opt 1 – Central file based worksharing.
  • Opt 2 – Revit Server based worksharing.
  • Opt 2b – Revit Server + Autodesk Vault
  • Opt 3 – C4R and A360

The following images show the User Interface for C4R, Communicator and the A360 Project portal.

User experience within Revit application
User experience within Revit application
A360 Dashboard
A360 Dashboard
A360 Project View
A360 Project View
Raj Acharya


Raj combines 24 years of experience in architectural practice in North America, Dubai, Mongolia, and India with a passion for technology. Uniquely positioned to take on the role of BIM Collaboration Specialist, he brings insights from working with range of firms from the very large to small local firms to his understanding of what is needed to help design teams work more effectively together.

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