BIM Tour in Alberta Recap and Other Musings

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A handful of us at the Summit AEC team (Bob, Dimitri, Mark and I) were in Calgary and Edmonton this week holding a morning seminar on the Power of BIM. The reception was great and we were able to connect with several firms, engineering and architectural, who are enthusiastic about the value that BIM provides. During our presentation we discussed and demonstrated a workflow that took a building from an idea through early investigation (and feedback), documentation and facilities management to demonstrate the value of BIM throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.

A comment that is occasionally brought up is that Canada is at present a  “few years” behind the US in terms of BIM. This is a debatable statement.
 I would argue that Canada is quickly catching up although the depth of knowledge doesn’t match the spread of understanding of the tool. There is clearly a need to use the tools available more effectively and collaboratively, realizing that BIM is not software, it is a process that is facilitated by software.

Regarding the previous comment, it is interesting to review this 2008 article about BIM and the Structural Engineering Community (.pdf from STRUCTUREmag) which certainly reflects some of the conversations we have had with others regarding BIM. What do you think? I agree that the issue of interoperability in BIM is a necessary catalyst for more innovation and collaboration in the AEC industry. The percentage of BIM use for documentation, coordination and structural analysis are particularly interesting. They make me wish we had updated numbers on that.

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