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Eli Heyman

Customer Service Coordinator


604 568 8324
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As Customer Service Coordinator, Eli provides a valuable connection between our clients and our software providers. He acts as a liaison allowing for efficient communication of requests such as new software purchases and questions about subscriptions.

Eli studied Geographic Sciences and has worked in Environmental Consulting on development projects across British Columbia and in the Arctic. Along with his coordination role, he hopes to use his background to work on increasingly important links between data outputs from BIM and GIS models and the real world.

He has attended multiple urban planning and regional development events that discuss the future of our cities and the ways in which planners, architects and citizens can work together to increase sustainability in and out of the city.


B.Sc. Geographical Sciences, UBC

Summit Technologies 2015
Vancouver: 604.568.8324 | Calgary: 403.648.9272 | Edmonton: 780.936.8008